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Integrating a 360-degree strategy, we enhance the traditional marketing model by offering well-rounded brand services designed to capture and highlight a brand’s narrative.


Distinctive with a nonconformist approach, we are intuitive, forward-thinking, and we thrive on a genuine passion for delivering results that make a difference.
We understand that traditional media and digital marketing work hand in hand and better together. We are dedicated to crafting creative strategies that shape and ignite brand acceleration. From concept ideation to execution, we help our partners every step of the way.

Strategic Consulting

Forward-thinking with a focus on results, we work together in order to determine the brands goals and create an integrated strategy to help reach them.

Influencer Marketing

Content creation and partnerships with ambassadors play a key role in the exposure of a brand. We work with many influencers and content creators across different markets to help get our clients in front of their many followers.

Social Media Marketing

Working alongside our agency partner, Reflect Media, we can amplify digital channels. From digital ads and content creation to SEO and web design, we tell stories on the right digital platforms, in the right way.

Media Relations

Our goal is to tell stories. With a pulse in the North American media landscape, we work with our clients to develop key messages and create story angles resulting in brand features and mentions in notable outlets across the continent.

Brand Translation

Parlez-vous français? Don’t worry, we do. Expanding into the Quebec market can be tricky. New language, new laws, different culture, oui? With a bilingual team and feet on the ground in Montréal, we transition brands into the Quebec market with ease.

Paid Advertising

Together with our agency partner, Reflect Media, we offer highly effective digital ad management with a focus on targeted audiences and top-performing keywords. We customize strategies aligning with your business goals to drive qualified traffic and increase conversions. 


With an eye for detail and a passion for experimental activations, the MMPR team is equipped to deliver a range of experiences from small-scale media events to substantial events and brand launches.

Affiliate Marketing

From set up to outreach, we can develop an effective affiliate marketing program to elevate your brand and generate sales through brand partnerships with publications, media outlets and content creators creators.

Word on the street


Michelle Bienvenue

Brand & PR Manager, Evive Nutrition

‘‘Marika is a woman of action and a remarkable asset as a PR consultant in a growing company. She knows how to mobilise and lead her growing team effectively towards achieving the results her clients want. Enthusiastic and well-liked by all, it is rewarding to deploy campaign strategies for Evive alongside her. Marika is a pleasure to work with as a team!’’

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