Who We Work With - BestCities!

BestCities Global Alliance is an international network of leading convention destinations around the globe. They are distinguished by their commitment of their members’ convention offices to offering special standards of service. Dedicated to creating a positive impact through business events, BestCities works to harness the power of collaboration and community.


  • Members include Berlin, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dublin, Houston, Madrid, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo, Vancouver, and the newly joined Guadalajara.

  • BestCities was founded over drinks by five CEOs from five destinations.

  • BestCities will be going 22 years strong as of June 2022!

With the “Alliance” way of thinking, there is an added level of creative client solutions no individual private city could deliver on their own, but also helps BestCities’ members achieve their own objectives with support from other members. BestCities believes that our world prospers when it comes together, works together and shares generously.

Want to learn more about BestCities Global Alliance? Find them online and on social media in the links below!

Website: https://www.bestcities.net

Twitter: @BestCitiesGA

LinkedIn: BestCities Global Alliance

YouTube: BestCities Global Alliance

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