Who We Work With - Evive Nutrition!

Evive Nutrition is a Canadian-based company that is redefining the frozen aisle with healthy options made accessible to everyone. Having started making vegan, organic smoothies for themselves in college, partners Claudia Poulin and Dominic Dubé have turned their frozen, blender-free smoothies into a thriving business.

Available through an online subscription and in stores across Canada and the US, Evive smoothie cubes come in a multitude of fun flavours such as Saphir, an ultra-refreshing, blue drink reminiscent of candy and lemonade. The ever so classic Cashew Mocha is perfect for coffee and chocolate lovers. This combination is fan-favourite replacement for morning coffees with its added protein, nutritional value, and decadent taste.


  • 100% plant-based and vegan

  • Zero added sugar

  • No preservatives

  • Gluten free, non-GMO

  • Freezing is used to maximize nutrients and ensure nothing goes to waste

  • Evive has committed to planting Evive Forests to cover CO2 emissions from their operation.

Fully believing that proper nutrients are pivotal to our physical and psychological health, Evive views wellness as a whole (physial, psychological, nutritional, and sleep wellness), rather than strictly just focusing on what is being put into our bodies.

Want to learn more about Evive Nutrition? Find them online and on social media in the links below!

Website: evivenutrition.ca



Tik Tok: @evivesmoothie

Youtube: @EviveNutrition

Pinterest: @EviveNutrition

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